Last night, while working, I busted my butt. And, unfortunately for me, my phone was in my back pocket. Needles so say, it was destroyed. I won’t go into much detail, but I’ve dealt with some crap recently, so that was the final straw. I was going to LOSE it. But lucky for me, I visited the guys over at Fetch Gadgets. First, when I told them I couldn’t afford to get a brand new screen, they told me they would work with me. They started trying to find an old screen they could use. One that might be slightly cracked but still would be usable. Hey, that was good enough for me. But it got better. When they couldn’t find a screen that would work for me, seeing the disappointment in my face, they gave me a BRAND NEW screen at a discount. They know who I am. They care about their customers. They truly saved the day. THANK YOU, FETCH GADGETS!!!

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