New & Used Phones for sale

We always have a selection of New and Pre-Owned phones for sale that can be used for a variety of service plans. Call us at 919-436-4536 if you are in the market to purchase a phone. We typically have a selection of iPhone and Android phones in stock.

No Contract Phone Service

Stop overpaying for phone service. Go Prepaid! A No Contract phone plan will provide phone service using the same towers as the major phone service carriers at a fraction of the cost. There are even some unlimited plans available.

We Offer Verizon Prepaid Service, Page Plus, Simple Mobile, Go Smart and Telcel, Net10 Phone Service. We Can activate new phone service for you or help you Refill your minutes. See the charts below for information on the plans. There are advantages to each service that vary depending on your needs, such as international calling. Speak with a representative today to learn what No Contract plan would work best for you. Call us at 919-436-4536 or visit us in store at 657 Cary Towne Blvd Cary, NC.

Verizon Prepaid No Contract Plans

Not Just Prepared VerizonPage Plus Plans (Page Plus uses Verizon Towers)

Simple Mobile No Contract Plans (Simple Mobile uses T-Mobile Towers)

Net 10 No Contract Plans (Net10 GSM uses AT&T Towers)

Go Smart

Telcel Plans